IT Security Network


    • A technology firm was seeking new opportunities for growth by understanding the advice-seeking networks and buying behaviors of I.T. security professionals. Recognizing the need to shift their audience marketing paradigm to a more collaborative approach with this community, they partnered with Community Analytics® for guidance and execution. Their ultimate goals were to reach new customers, increase brand equity and recruit the right community leaders.


    • Using a sophisticated program of direct communication, technology and mathematics, Community Analytics® reached out to a select community of I.T. security professionals. The group was interviewed to determine sources of I.T. security advice and to build useful behavioral models. The research provided detailed maps of inter-relationships germane to Internet security decisions, including the names, titles, and locations of linked individuals. With this information, Community Analytics® identified, evaluated, and profiled the Trusted Advisors and other key network members valued by this population. In addition to determining the relationship dynamics, a study was designed to measure specific influence metrics and effects of I.T. Security certification.

Community Dynamics

    • Of the hundreds of I.T. security professionals who participated in the network research, 26 were identified by their peers as Trusted Advisors and potential candidates for certification. Eight members provided a significant number of connections between decision makers in this population, placing them in critical network positions.


    • Personal relationships are the #1 influence for decision making among security professionals.
    • Top influences after personal relationships are print media, online media, professional associations, user groups and industry analysts.
    • Relationships exist both within and between roles, companies and industries.
    • 68% of trusted advice comes from individuals in less senior roles.


    • IT Security Professionals are able to connect with the Trusted Advisors of their peers as a result of the new community-focused approach.
    • IT Security Professionals have a stronger voice in the development of products; content for events, publications and online forums; and the direction of the industry as a whole.
    • IT Security Professionals are receiving stronger support for their individual professional development and the development of the profession as a whole now that our client has an understanding of the networks that matter to this community.
    • IT Security Professionals have access to products, information and other resources as a result of opening a dialogue with the community rather than shielding the community from the product development process.
    • IT Security professionals are able to access advanced IT Certifications such as the CEH and CISSP Certification.