IT Professionals Network


    • A technology firm was seeking new opportunities for growth by understanding the advice-seeking networks and buying behaviors of I.T. professionals. Recognizing the need to shift their audience marketing paradigm to a more collaborative approach with this community, they partnered with Community Analytics® for guidance and execution. Their ultimate goal was to increase engagement with this critical audience and improve overall customer satisfaction.


    • Using a sophisticated program of direct communication, technology and mathematics, Community Analytics® reached out to a select community of I.T. professionals in the fields of financial services, technology, and healthcare. The group was interviewed to determine personal sources of I.T. advice and to build useful behavioral models. The research provided detailed maps of inter-relationships germane to interoperability, innovation, and governance and compliance decisions, including the names, titles, and locations of linked individuals. With this information, Community Analytics identified, evaluated, and profiled the Trusted Advisors and other key network members within the population. In addition to determining the relationship dynamics, a study was designed to capture specific influence metrics.

Community Dynamics

    • After interviewing hundreds of I.T. professionals, the network research identified 32 Trusted Advisors. 11 members provided a significant number of connections between decision makers in this population, placing them in critical network positions.


    • Personal relationships are the #1 influence for decision making among I.T. professionals.
    • Relationships are not always bound by geography: 37% of all connections are between different states.
    • Relationships exist both within and between roles, companies and industries.
    • 58% of influence comes from peers or individuals in less senior roles.


    • IT Pros are able to interact with peers across industries and at different levels within organizations; fulfilling their desire for a more diverse set of perspectives on industry issues.
    • IT Pros are recognized for the depth of knowledge and expertise they bring to solving both technology and business problems; and as a result, are supported through more substantive professional development programs such as ITIL Certification.
    • IT Pros have a stronger voice in guiding the solutions being developed to address problems they face daily; problems like interoperability, platform optimization, etc.