PR Organizational Network


    • A leading global public relations firm was seeking new opportunities for growth by understanding the ecosystem of employee networks. Recognizing the need to improve personal and group-level networks, they partnered with Community Analytics® for guidance and execution. Their ultimate goal was to increase profitability, employee efficiency and institutionalize best practices.


    • Using a sophisticated program of direct communication, technology, IT security network and mathematics, Community Analytics surveyed all members of the global technology business unit. The group was interviewed to assess both their level of interconnectivity, as well their connections to other business units and outside firms. The research provided detailed maps of inter-relationships germane to the group’s objectives, including the names, titles, and locations of linked individuals. With this information, Community Analytics evaluated the overall health of the network, and also identified Trusted Advisors inside and outside the organization. In addition to determining the relationship dynamics, a study was designed to measure specific influence metrics.

Community Dynamics

    • All members of the business unit participated in the research and built a cohesive network of 306 community members. 11 Trusted Advisors were identified within the firm, while another 5 Trusted Advisors from outside the company emerged.


    • 45% of network members identified were external to the firm, providing a diverse mix of opinions on important issues.
    • Information and advice stemmed largely from those in more senior roles, a potential risk to information exchange that challenges the established hierarchy.
    • Members of the firm were not turning to each other for innovative ideas; and almost half of the employees indicated a desire for increased communications across the firm.
    • The most tenured employees within the business unit were also most central to the network, an indication that there was a need for knowledge sharing and mentoring with newer employees.


    • Employees now have a more efficient platform on which to interact as newly developed, relevant communication programs are generated.
    • Employees are able to gain broader perspectives by reaching out to clients, partners, and other external stakeholders.
    • The organization can be restructured in a way that will enhance the company culture while improving the efficiency and flow of corporate information, innovation and problem-solving.
    • The network compositions of high performing employees have been identified and modeled so that they can be replicated to improve the performance of under-performing employees.  This has empowered the firm, and the individuals who comprise it, to achieve personal, departmental and organizational development objectives.

Client Testimonial

    • “When we decided to conduct an organizational network analysis, the team was impressed with the insights and energized to share this capability with others. We are extremely impressed with the quality of work offered by Community Analytics and look forward to many more joint endeavors.”
      ~ President, leading international public relations and communications management company