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The Ethical Decision Making Model

Written by: Jhon Lewy Decision making can be quite tough and mind boggling but when we have to make considerations of ethics and decision making, we can entirely tie ourselves up so tight that we stop making decisions entirely. This calls for the guidance from the ethical model of decision making An ethical decision making model helps the executives in making the best possible strategic decision because the decision making depends…

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Opinion Leaders Influence the Dissemination of Ideas

Written by: Myra Norton Today brings about the final question in my interview with Matt Goddard (R2i). If you have been following this past week, you already know my thoughts on everything from an Opinion Leader’s characteristics to the role they play in your purchase decision. My question to you is simple, do you agree? Can you give us an example of how Opinion Leaders have influenced the dissemination of…

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More Listening and Less Telling

Written by: Myra Norton Locating Opinion Leaders is sometimes a daunting task, especially for large scale campaigns. Unfortunately, finding these influential consumers is only half the battle; the ability to listen is actually the key element in successfully engaging community members. With this in mind, the next question appropriately asked of me was: Can businesses attract Opinion Leaders? I hate to be a stickler for language, but I don’t think the right…

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