Get to know us, we help communities thrive.

Community Analytics is a research website based on the principles of social networking. We understand human networks and the roles they play in the decision making process.

We offer customer engagement solutions that deliver measurable results in an ever-changing and customer-driven business environment. Through a combination of proprietary research and analytical techniques, Community Analytics helps you uncover these networks and create strategies to connect them with your brand.

Community Analytics is a leader in the analysis of the social networks that connect us all. Unlike many research organizations that use predictive models, we gather empirical data. We help organizations understand and engage with relevant social networks so they can meet the needs of the community. We realize that people want a voice in the marketplace and that organizations want to be able to hear that voice. Community Analytics removes the barrier between the organization and its community to create open, honest dialogue between brands and their audiences, between colleges and their alumni, and between organizations and their employees. By acting on this dialogue and creating a partnership we help improve products, streamline services, and drive innovation.

At Community Analytics we believe that a community is like a tree, with many networks as its leaves – neither can successfully exist without the other. Our goal is to help communities thrive, and that is evident in our unique approach to social network analysis – both on behalf of our clients and the communities they serve.